A special tribute to Gabriel Singleton, also known as Tater, during this year's Georgia Police and Fire Games. 

As each of the participants go through an obstacle course, they're reminded to fight like the 7 year old who died from cancer and also inspired the nation when he asked to meet his idol, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Tater was an honorary deputy for Whitfield County, where the games are being held this year. 

Tuesday's event was the Toughest Man Competition where participants flipped, punched and pushed their way through the course. 

The biggest cheering section was for the only female participant-- Dalton Police Officer Serena Martin. 

The Army veteran turned police officer has been with DPD for about five years now. 

She's one of eight people who competed in this year's obstacle course and said this one has been the toughest yet. 

"Normally between obstacles you can kind of catch your breath during the run part, but this one was just running from obstacle to obstacle which it was tough. Thirteen tire flips, I counted. They were tough. It definitely got the best of me," Martin added.

Doug Kerns from Dalton Fire Department won the overall toughest competitor with a time of 9:59. 

He did that after taking first place in the 20 mile cycling event earlier in the morning. 

The games continue throughout the week and registration is still open. 

There's a challenge for all departments for next year's Toughest Man Competition, including departments in Tennessee. 

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