Hamilton County Schools’ next superintendent is preparing for his move to Chattanooga.

After a long search, board members chose Dr. Bryan Johnson of Clarksville, Tennessee to fill the position.

Dr. Johnson talked to Channel 3 about his vision for the district’s future.

He says he’s humbled to have been selected by board members and he is excited about his new role as superintendent.

“There’s a range of emotions that you feel. You're excited and then the reality of this role and the work that has to be done begins to settle in," Dr. Johnson told Channel 3.

Dr. Johnson says he’s eager to get to work and his first 100 days on the job are extremely important.

He’s already mapped out a plan.

Dr. Johnson says he’ll get a transition team in place and work closely with the school board. He’ll focus on student achievement, low performing schools and determine how to move schools forward.

He’ll look closely at school leadership, engage with the community, work with city and county leaders and focus on the budget.

“The biggest takeaway of those days is to really come out with some common themes of some areas that we really feel good about and we really want to keep. Then we’ll look at areas where we really want to or need to improve and ensure that our plan is aligned with those areas of improvement,” Dr. Johnson told Channel 3.

Dr. Johnson comes from the Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools where he’s spent the past decade. He says there are some good things happening in the Hamilton County School district and there are other areas with room for improvement. 

“We really want to restore that level of pride that should be there in the system and within the district and the community to let everybody know how great a system this system can be,” said Dr. Johnson.

The next step is working out details of Dr. Johnson’s contract. He says he hopes to have it finalized as quickly as possible so he can move his family to Chattanooga and be in place before the start of the school year.