You might see troopers and patrol cars from other states around Chattanooga this week, they're here for a week long conference to learn how they can better protect drivers on the roads.

This year there have been about 50 traffic deaths on Tennessee roads, that number is down a little compared to this time last year in 2016, but it's still too many for law enforcement.

It’s not just a local issue, it's the same around the country and across the border in Canada.

They all wear different uniforms, but their goal is the same - to protect people's lives and property by educating communities on safety issues.

It’s all a part of the 50th Uniformed Safety Education Officers Workshop hosted this year by Tennessee Highway Patrol 2nd District in Chattanooga.   Troopers from 22 different agencies across the U.S. and one from Canada will spend the week in the Tennessee Valley learning from each other.

"We realize that there are so many similarities, even though we are in a different country dealing with different issues when it comes down to it, a lot of the issues are the same," Sgt. Kerry Schmidt with the Ontario Provincial Police said.

Troopers will tackle what they call the ‘Big 4,’ which are the major causes of death on the roads. They are:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Not wearing seat belts

"To be wowed as a safety education officer, for another state to show us what we are capable of because they are capable of the same it's amazing," explained Trooper Tracey Lillard with the Illinois State Police.

In Tennessee, there have already been 452 traffic fatalities on the roads. troopers said they have a zero vision here in the volunteer state and around the country.

This is first time Chattanooga has hosted the conference. THP hosted the conference five years ago in Nashville.