Riverbend has come to an end, but if you still want to see live music in an unusual setting, head northwest to McMinnville.

Crowds flock to the Bluegrass Underground each Saturday for a world-famous music venue that is 333 feet below the Cumberland Plateau. The concerts are held in the volcano room of Cumberland Caverns.

This subterranean amphitheater features a sound you're not going to find anywhere else.     


Katherine Brown, a volunteer, says "The acoustics are amazing. And the lighting, and the ambiance --- it's just incredible.

All this grabbed the attention of PBS. For the last 7 years, they have taken Bluegrass Underground across the country to 80 percent of North American PBS markets.

One fan favorite is the Grand Lady of the Volcano Room. The antique chandelier is 15 feet long and 8 feet wide and weighs 1500 pounds -- and adds just the right ambiance.

Around 35 shows a year are held in the caverns, and most would agree it's an experience worth having and a memory worth making.

The next performance at Bluegrass Underground is Saturday, June 24. The music starts at 1 p.m.