Church isn't the typical place someone would go to get a new car, but it's where many turn when they find themselves in need. 

For five months, Bettie Price has relied on her faith and the help of her fellow parishioners for transportation. 

"Bringing my to church, taking me back home, bringing me shopping, taking me to the doctor. Everything," she said. 

The 74-year old found herself without a car and unable to work after she said a used car salesman took her down payment. 

"I never received the car. Never. I have the receipt at home and everything. I never received that car," she added. 

After hearing about what happened, Celebration Church Pastor, Michael Chitwood knew he could help. 

He, along with the rest of the congregation, surprised Price with a brand new, fully loaded Hyundai Sonata. 

The gesture leaving Price without words. 

"I tell you, I almost fell out when I saw the car," she said.

The experience has opened Price's eyes to a problem thousands of older adults experience every year. 

The National Adult Protective Services Association reports one in nine older adults say they've been abused-- The highest form being financial exploitation. 

Price hopes she can use her experience to help others from falling victim. 

"People take from them and then they don't have family. Sometimes the family takes from them and they don't have anyone to go to and they just forget and they just let it go," she said. 

For now, she's thankful her prayers have been answered. 

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