The party is over for this year's Riverbend Festival, but the work is not. Cleanup started early Sunday morning.

"The festival was a lot of fun!" said John Morris, a vendor at the festival, "There was good music! I mean, we were right in front of the main stage."

But now the sounds of music have been traded for the sound of a lot of hard work.

"It was so messy and all the banners were hanging up," said volunteer Alex Sewell.

Hundreds of folks helped at the riverfront to clean up.
"All of the elements that it takes to put a Riverbend Festival on are just reversed and now it's take down time," said Mickey McCamish with Friends of the Festival.

"We are loading up the truck and heading back to tri-cities!" exclaimed Morris.

Vendors are leaving, banners are coming down, and trash getting picked up.

Officials said cleanup started as soon as the last song ended.

"Several hundred volunteers that will come out and help because there's just a tremendous amount of cleanup," said McCamish.

As the festival area is cleaned up the roads re-open.

McCamish said by Sunday night they hope to open Riverfront Parkway to Chestnut Street, and open the rest of the roads on Monday.

"Just working throughout Sunday to open the roads and make it just as easy for people to return to their normal life here on the waterfront," said McCamish.