Every detail of what unfolded on that Virginia baseball field is still fresh for Tennessee Congressman Chuck Fleischmann. 

"What I didn't realize, at that time, the shooter was apparently right behind me," he said, "I would have never fathomed the possibility of any violence whatsoever. We don't even get protesters there." 

Five people were hit, including House Majority-Whip Steve Scalise before the shooter, James Hodgkinson, 66, was killed in a fire fight by police.

"I kept wondering, why didn't he shoot me? I was his first easy shot. My back was facing him from where it was. I never knew he was there," he added. 

The District 3 representative now learning his political views may be why he wasn't shot. 

Fleischmann said Hodgkinson was found with a list of names, the same names of GOP members that make up the Freedom Caucus.

This isn't the first attack Fleishmann has been connected to. 

He rushed to Chattanooga when five servicemen were killed in 2015. 

But this is the first for him to experience first hand. 

And with the help of Chattanooga Police Officer Dennis Pedigo, who was shot in the Chattanooga attack, Fleischmann says the painful details are getting easier to process.