The last night of the Riverbend Festival is Saturday, and as always the festival is going out with a bang. 

Hidden away across the river from the Festival's main stages, is everything needed to display an electrifying show in the sky.

"The biggest we shoot down here is six," one worker said about the fireworks.  

The area is not open to the public for safety reasons.
Several thousands of fireworks are tucked away in preparation for the annual fireworks show.

"It takes 2 full days just to set the show up to shoot it," said Walter Disspayne with Pyroshows.

During those 2 days of hard work, only a handful of people help prepare the fireworks.

Disspayne has helped light up the sky after Riverbend for about 18 years.

"This is really one of my more exciting shows every year," said Disspayne.

The explosives line the sidewalk behind the river and are even set off along the bridge.

However, the show doesn't last nearly as long as set up takes.

"It really, it takes 6 of us 2 hard days to set this show up," Disspayne said with laughter, "And it last about 19 minutes!"

He said while he certainly enjoys setting the fireworks off, the best part of this show is the crowd.

"It's worth doing every bit of the work to get to hear the crowd for 15 seconds at the end of the show just blowing the horns on the boats, just hollering, and hoopin', and clapping," said Disspayne.