A Chattanooga woman says she visited a local pet store, adopted two kittens, and took them home before learning one was sick with "distemper," which is more commonly known as parvovirus.

Now, she's worried her other animals may catch the highly contagious disease and wants to warn other new pet owners. 

Eight-week-old "Will" and his brother "Jack" found their home Saturday night, when Shanna Sarr picked them up from PetSmart on Gunbarrel Road.

Twenty-four hours later Sarr says she noticed something that concerned her.

"On Sunday we noticed that one of the kittens, Will, seemed really sleepy," Sarr says. "We didn't think too much of it because kittens can be sleepy but Monday morning he started to refuse to use his back legs and he wouldn't get up; he didn't want to eat or drink"

Sarr's veterinarian diagnosed the kitten with parvovirus. 

She adopted the kittens from McCracken Kitty Kat Rescue, which was set up inside PetSmart.

The owner of that organization says it cannot guarantee the health and wellness of any rescue animals it takes in. The organization has removed its habitats from PetSmart.

Channel 3 reached out to PetSmart. They say have an internal investigation underway.