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Storm damages house in Marion County

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Severe storms moved through Marion County around three o'clock Thursday afternoon, producing winds of at least 60 miler per hour. It knocked down a large tree and damaged a home in South Pittsburg on 7th Street.

"And all of a sudden, KABOOM!", shouted Orgenie Goodman.

She was enjoying a quiet afternoon at home when the tree fell, interrupting her music listening. Goodman's been been renting the home for two years since moving back to Tennessee from Arizona. Once she heard the crash, she knew what had happened.

"I thought it must be a tree and I ran to the kitchen and guess what I saw," said Goodman.

Some power lines came down, too, and Goodman's phone wouldn't work. She called her landlord and the police from across the street where it was safe.

"We shut off all the breakers for everything so the house wouldn't catch on fire," added Goodman.

Having nowhere to go for a while, she relied on the kindness of her neighbors, not knowing when she would be able to go home.

"They invited me to stay there and shower and they fed me," says Goodman. "They're wonderful neighbors."

It took several hours for the power to come back. Some water got inside the house which Goodman says is around 100 years old, but thankfully the roof damage wasn't major. The next morning her landlord cut down the part of the tree which was resting on the house and laid some tarp.

Goodman says the tree's been leaning for quite some time and saw this coming. But she wasn't expecting it so soon.

"I said it's going to fall one day," Goodman said she told a neighbor. "And the next day it happened."

Goodman's afraid more large branches might fall onto the roof, but she wants to sleep here anyway.

"I'm going to stay here and watch my personal belongings," added Goodman.

Goodman is thankful she wasn't hurt. She'll might stay until the clutter is cleared and the roof patched, but Goodman misses the desert. She thinks the tree is at least as old as the house and maybe its fall was a sign.

"Maybe this happened for a reason, you know," Goodman said.

She doesn't know how long it will take to clean up the mess or fix the damage, but she probably won't stay in South Pittsburg much longer. She says she plans to move back to the western United States.

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