Recent deaths after swimming have many parents worried if it could happen to their children. 

It's called "dry drowning." 

It happens after kids swim in a pool or lake, hence the name "dry drowning." 

It's when kids get water in their lungs and their body can't get it out. 

The most recent report of dry drowning in our area happened in 2014. 

The topic has skyrocketed on social media after two separate incidents made headlines. 

We talked to a pediatric pulmonologist about what symptoms parents should watch out for. 

"We would tell parents to worry about this if their child starts having a lot of respiratory distress. really troubled breathing, belling breathing, pulling in and having retractions underneath the ribs, sucking in at their neck notch, and a lot of work of breathing. There's a wet cough that happens with it, more so than a small little dry cough and a kid running around," Dr. Matthew Kreth, Pediatric Pulmonologist at Erlanger said.

Dr. Kreth said if you see any of those symptoms, see a doctor immediately. 

Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death in the United States. 

At Erlanger, there have been eight reports of drownings or near drownings just this year alone. 

That's up slightly compared to 12 reports total last year. 

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