Father's Day is Sunday and if you're on a tight budget don't rule out tech gadgets.

When I was a kid I remember wanting to buy my dad something but a dollar, even back then, couldn't go very far in the gift department. Times have actually changed for the better if you know where to look.

Most people don't realize that the local dollar store has a tech section. Those 'everything's a dollar' stores offer inexpensive ($1) gifts for smartphones and computers.

On a recent visit I found dozens of USB cables, screen wipes, earbuds, a battery powered book light, screen protectors and in one store, a pair of virtual reality glasses. Sure, some of the things won't last very long before they break, but the screen wipes and protectors work just fine and are several dollars less than similar brands at Amazon and Walmart. These are great for dad to toss on his desk or in a briefcase.

The app stores are another good place to shop for dad. Apple's App Store allows you to gift anyone an app. Rather than sending a gift card, you get to shop for a game you think dad will enjoy. When you choose one look at the dropdown link where you click purchase or get. It will ask you for an email address of who you'd like to send the app to. Dad will get a link with your personalized greeting and will only need to click on it to start the download.

You can also choose a song or book this way. Most songs cost $1.29 or .99-cents. To gift an app to someone you should do it from a Mac or PC computer rather than on a phone or other mobile device.

Gifting apps in the Google Play Store doesn't seem possible as I never found that option on several apps that I tried to buy. You can gift music and books in the Google Play Store where you see a gift box in the 'purchase' area of the app.

Dad will be so proud his kids spent their money wisely.

American shoppers are expected to spend over $15.5 billion on Father's Day gifts this year.

I found it interesting that most Father's Day gifts are purchased in department stores while Mother's Day gifts are mostly purchased online. I suspect this is evidence that woman and children enjoy shopping in stores while men prefer to shop online.