CHARLOTTE, NC (WCNC) - Ten-month-old conjoined twins from North Carolina just underwent successful separation surgery.

The surgery was done in Philadelphia and took 30 doctors and nurses to complete an 11-hour operation.

The twins made it out just fine, the family is planning to eventually return home to Mooresville with their healthy baby girls.

Abby and Erin Delaney were born 10 weeks premature, weighed two pounds each and were conjoined at the skull.

Thousands have followed the twins’ story on Facebook.

Abby and Erin also faced impossible odds.

Their chance of survival was estimated to be somewhere between five and 25 percent.

But the surgery was successful, and the two were separated, unharmed.

The Delaney family told NBC Charlotte they are going to recover privately for a while before doing interviews or releasing new photos of the girls.

And they’re hoping to spend the twins’ first birthday back in North Carolina, in their own home, and in their own beds.

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