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Men's Health Awareness Month

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As a teenager, Pedro Dumper developed a condition that if not surgically corrected would cause him to become infertile. And even though it's an issue most teenage boys would be reluctant to bring up, he knew he could approach his father.

Pedro Dumper, patient says, "If I hadn't talked to them a long time ago, right now it would already be too late."

Wander Almeida, Parent says, "I always try to create this open atmosphere at home to talk about everything, not only health."

June is a time to shine a light on the importance of men taking care of their health.  I sat down with Dr. Guru Medam from CHI Memorial.

Dr. Guru Medam, CHI Memorial says, "We celebrate men's health awareness, so we encourage all men of all different ages to seek doctors help and do annual physicals."

There are common problems that a lot of men face which are not being taken care of and treated properly, resulting in men dying prematurely.

A recent survey found that 60 percent of men don't go to a doctor for their annual physical and of those who do, 19 percent say they only do it so their significant other will stop nagging.

Dr. Guru Medam says, "Most men think they are tougher by social reasons, they tend to ignore the problems they have and seeking medical care is totally different issue for them."

When it comes to getting that "Man Check Up" these are some things men should keep a close eye on: blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and diabetes risks.

And for those men who say they are too busy, they don't have time.

Dr. Guru Medam says, "You have better outcomes of survival, better outcomes of treatment options to detect the disease in its early stages, so it's always better to seek preventive care and wellness exams."

So men don't put it off too long, go to the doctor, give yourself and your family a gift this Father's Day.

Pedro Dumper says "It's your family, and they just want to take care of you."

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