The group of thieves we are looking for this week has stolen more than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise, a number of times. Now, we have their pictures and your information could lead you to a cold hard cash.

"Over the past several months, we've had multiple incidents at Ulta," explained Sgt. Victor Miller, "and we think that they are hitting other stores as well, not just this one store." Ulta is a cosmetics store with locations at both Northgate and Hamilton Place malls. The crew we are looking for has apparently been hitting them both.
The store security video is pretty clear. "And they are not concealing their identity," said Sgt. Miller. "You should be able to make out the clothing. The only thing they're doing differently is putting on a hat on, but you can still tell who they are."

They apparently enter the stores while clerks are busy, pick up the items they want, conceal them, and walk right out the door without causing any commotion. "We found that they are leaving at least one person in a vehicle that's ready and waiting for them to get in and go," Miller added.

If you recognize any of the people involved, up to $1,000 reward cash is waiting. Maybe you know them and do not want them to know your tip, your information ended their crime spree. Relax. We will never even ask for your name.

If you think cosmetics, perfumes, and beauty supplies surely cannot be worth that much, get ready to be shocked. "In Tennessee, a felony is over $1000," said Sgt. Miller. "They are stealing over the thousand dollar amount. They'll have multiple felony charges."

Do you know anything about this case or the people in the surveillance photos? Start your summer with a payday. That Crime Stoppers cash could be a simple phone call away. The number: 698-3333 

If you get voice mail, leave a message. Sgt. Miller may have questions, but he will never ask who you are.