Shortly after Wednesday's shooting at baseball practice, congressional members who play on the team returned to the capitol.

One of those players was Congressman Chuck Fleischmann. He was on the field when the shooting happened. 

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"I got bloodied up a little bit when I jumped into the dugout. Obviously, Larry Hardy and I and others were down on the field laying down flat hoping not to get hit. We realized as the bullets kept flying that if somebody were to see us, we were still easy targets," Congressman Fleischmann, (R) Tennessee said.   

Channel 3 spoke with the congressman's wife, Brenda, on Wednesday.

She called this a dangerous time to serve in office. Fleischmann is at home in Ooltewah and said her husband called her to tell her he was alright, but there had been a terrible shooting.

"He said good morning. On the way to practice. Chat later and it was just like you would get any other day," Brenda Fleischmann, Congressman Fleischmann's wife said.

That's the text message Mrs. Fleischmann said she received from her husband around 6:00 a.m.

Just an hour later, she received a terrifying phone call that there had been a shooting at her husband's baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

The congressman described it as chaos.

One of the five people shot was their friend, Congressman Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana

"I was so thankful just to hear his voice and just to hear that he was okay," Fleischmann said.

Being more than 500 miles away, Fleischmann said it was tough to process what her husband was telling her. She called friends and family members to let them know he was alright.

Fleischmann spent the day watching news coverage hoping to learn more about the circumstances behind the shooting.

"The most important thing now is to pray for these individuals that have been injured and to be thankful that there were not more injuries and then to just hope that we don't ever have a situation like this again," Fleischmann said.

The incident raises questions about future security plans. The majority of the team did not have security with them at the time of the shooting.

It was two members of the capitol police, who were there to protect Scalise, who stepped in to take down the shooter. 

Fleischmann said her husband has security sometimes, but not always.

"You can't guard them every second of the day like say when he's at the gas station or the grocery store or wherever he is. You can't live that way. You don't want to live in fear," Fleischmann said.

As of right now, the congressional baseball game is still on for Thursday. Congressman Fleischmann's wife told Channel 3 her husband is expected to play.