As news of Wednesday's shooting outside of Washington D.C. filtered out, current and former politicians weighed in. U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise, R-LA, is undergoing surgery after being shot at a baseball field in Alexandria, VA, on Wednesday morning.

U.S. REP. CHUCK FLEISCHMANN - U.S. Rep Chuck Fleischmann was at the baseball field for the practice session when the shooting began Wednesday morning. 

Fleischmann was injured as he and other members of the GOP Congressional baseball team sought cover in the dugout at Alexandria, VA's Eugene Simpson Stadium Park.

He contacted his wife in Ooltewah shortly after the shooting.

"I was so thankful just to hear his voice and just to hear that he was okay," Brenda Fleischmann, Congressman Fleischmann's wife said.

U.S. SEN. BOB CORKER - Corker tweeted shortly after the shooting, saying:

"My prayers are with all those affected by this morning's shooting. I am extremely grateful for our brave Capitol Police officers."

U.S. SEN. LAMAR ALEXANDER - Alexander issued a statement that reads:

“This was a shocking attack on members of Congress, their staff, and on U.S. Capitol Police. I pray for the health of everyone who was injured. We are especially grateful for the exceptional bravery of the U.S. Capitol Police and first responders."

U.S. REP JIM COOPER - Cooper posted on Twitter:

"This is horrible. Violence is never the answer. Grateful for the Capitol Police and wishing everyone a speedy recovery."

FORMER CONGRESSMAN ZACH WAMP - Former U.S. Congressman Zach Wamp was in Washington D.C. Wednesday for meetings and to attend the Congressional Baseball Game Thursday night. Wamp played on the baseball team for 13 years.

He says there are no local donors who sponsor the game, which is Washington D.C.-based charity for the Boys & Girls Clubs and the Washington Literacy Center. The game tomorrow is expected to raise over half a million dollars for those charities.

Wamp tells Channel 3 “This entity is very special. Moments like this can be a reminder good can come out of a delicate and violent time.”

He went on to say he is grateful for the security and safety for those involved.