(WXIA) - The last 24 hours have been crazy for Alex Arrowood.

Oh, who is that? You know him as the Braves fan who celebrated a little too soon during a race and was defeated by a guy known as The Freeze during Friday night's game at SunTrust Park.

The race has since gone viral, and you can't go on any sports website without seeing a picture of his face, inches away from the dirt after losing his footing while the mystery man speeds past him.

Arrowood spoke with 11Alive's Alec McQuade by phone on Saturday, and he admitted he's been a little overwhelmed.

"I woke up this morning and Twitter had just gone insane with it," he said.

So what's the full story?

"Me and my buddies, we met up to go to the game. We were standing outside in the pavilion area and a couple of the Braves cheerleaders, they just walked up to us and they were like, 'Hey would you be interested in playing a game during the game.' I was like, 'Yeah, sure. I don’t mind.' "

He was told he'd be racing a guy called The Freeze. So when Arrowood got to the tunnel before the race, he was told he didn't have to worry about anything and that he'd "definitely win."

"They told me he’s like an Olympic track star, or something like that," Arrowood said of the mystery Freeze man behind the mask. "It worried me a little bit, but I was like surely there’s no way he can catch me from that far in the distance."

They told Arrowood that Freeze would start running after he reached the midway point, but they released him early.  Arrowood was approaching the finish line when he suddenly started slowing down and celebrated.

"I was trying to pump the crowd up. It was stupid for me to be doing that," he said. "I was running, and when I realized he was right beside me, I just tried to turn on the jets a little bit, and I guess I lost my footing, ate the dirt."

While it was first-class entertainment for all who watched, Arrowood wasn't so thrilled. His hands were covered in blood from hitting the dirt, there was a camera instantly in his face and he was in shock.

"Then they stuck a camera in my face, and I guess that’s when I just looked clueless," he said. "It was pretty embarrassing. It’s almost like, I just can’t explain how it is when you mess up in front of that many people."

The attendance at SunTrust Park was 36,791. Then, millions more saw it on the game broadcasts and television networks that replayed the viral moment.

"It just overwhelmed me. I wasn’t too happy. I was pretty mad the whole way home. When I woke up this morning and all my friends are texting me, ‘You’re a legend, you’re a legend.’ I guess I just embraced it, and I warmed up to the fact."

Arrowood played baseball in high school in North Carolina. He currently lives in Alabama. The Braves have invited him back for a rematch to be determined at a future date.

As for the mystery man who is The Freeze, Arrowood never got to speak with him. But The Freeze did Tweet at him on Saturday.

Arrowood is having fun with it now. He posted several GIFS and videos on his Twitter and Instagram making fun of his fall, passing it off as a slide.

11Alive contributed to this story