The Vintage and More store off Dayton Boulevard remains closed, after an SUV plowed through the building Thursday.

"Well, it's sad that it happened," said store co-owner, Deborah Baldridge.

Looking at the front of the store building the damage doesn't look too bad, but a closer look tells a different story.

"Yeah, it was a mess," said Baldridge.

Bricks are piled to the side of the building, cracks are seen up the wall, and the inventory is scattered inside the building.

Officials said a SUV crashed into the building Thursday, 2 other vehicles were also involved in the wreck.

"I heard the noise of him hitting the truck," recalled Baldridge, "Then I heard the screech, then I heard a bang and saw his car."

She said she saw the vehicle inside her store, where she was sitting just feet away.

Then I came outside and there were already people pulling him out of the car," Baldridge remembered.

The initial investigation suggests one of the drivers might have had a medical emergency, which could have led to the crash.

Baldridge said the SUV driver appeared to be having a seizure and people quickly jumped in to help.

"We just waited around for the police to show up, making sure he was okay," she explained, "He was still seizing, so all we did was keep an eye on him and wait for them to get here."

Baldridge said the driver, who she doesn't know, was taken to the hospital.

The building is now condemned, which is causing concern for her business.

"We're going to lose quite a bit, especially if people just stop coming and forget about us," she said.

But Baldridge is hoping people won't forget, because she said the wreck is just a small road block.
She said the Vintage and More store will be back open for business as soon as possible.

"We will definitely reopen," urged Baldridge, "This is just a minor blip."

As for the driver, Baldridge and her sister, who is the other owner, just hope he is alright.

"We hope he's okay," she urged, "We'd like to send our condolences to him because he's probably pretty injured."

Baldridge and her sister said they hope to reopen the store in 4-6 weeks.
They estimate at least $10,000 in damage was done to the inside of the store.

There were a handful of people inside when the wreck happened, according to the owners, but they said everyone is okay.