Warmer temperatures are here and so are the bugs, especially mosquitoes. Each female mosquito only lives for about 50 days, but during their life cycle, they can turn you into a bumpy, itchy, irritated human being.  Bug repellent is great in fighting against mosquitoes, but there's another way to fight those pesky insects and make your yard a little more beautiful.

As you're getting your gardens ready for summer, there are some items you can plant as a deterrent to those irritating insects. At The Barn Nursery, their experts say you can use citronella geraniums, catnip, rosemary, lavender, marigolds, and even basil. So yes, you can enhance your dinner to help keep you from becoming theirs. 

One big thing is to keep standing water off your property. Now, if you weren't given the gift of a green thumb, there are still some envrionmental-friendly options.  There are items you can drop right into bird baths and fish ponds.

The great part, especially with the plants, is that you don't have to spend a fortune to fight the good fight. 

Donna Dent with the Barn Nursery said, "You don't have to plant tons of any of these plants. A few are going to prevent a problem with mosquitoes because they work off of their natural essential oils."