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Three Catoosa County school buses damaged during Memorial Day Weekend

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Catoosa County Sheriff's detectives have are looking into three possible acts of vandalism that occurred to county school buses Memorial Day Weekend. 

It happened on May 26 on Boynton Drive.

School officials tell Channel 3, it was the last day of school for students. They say two of the buses involved were on their way to pick up students from Boynton Elementary school, and the third bus had two children on board, who belonged to the bus driver.

Bus numbers 86, 328 and 109 were damaged. 

The driver of bus 86 told deputies was traveling on Boynton Drive near Baggett Road when a person in a truck either shot or threw an object at the windshield of the bus, according to incident report. She said the windshield shattered and cut her arm.

Her two children were not hurt. 

Detective Daniel Thacker says this was the third bus targeted on the same day on Boynton Drive. He says the damage on all three buses were similar, and that all three bus drivers saw the same truck driving by when an object hit their windshields. 

"The bus drivers said that at the last second they saw something hitting their windshield but couldn't tell what it was with the speed it was coming," says Thacker. "At the time they weren't aware they were being singled out as a school bus. They just thought something had got kicked up off the road and hit their windshield you know it commonly happens, so that's why the first two just reported it to the transportation center and the third one realized hey this is the third time today we've got something going on." 

It's not clear what the object was, but Thacker says it was either shot or thrown from a white Dodge truck pulling a red utility trailer. 

"It looked as if it were a work truck pulling a utility trailer with  a lawn mower which is probably not going to be a 16 year old driving around on the last day of school. There are a lot of trucks in the area that match the description pulling utility trailers so narrowing it down is very hard at this point." 

Deputies are not sure how many people are involved in the crime.

if you have seen the white Dodge truck they are referring to or have any information, call the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office at 706-935-2424.

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