A Bradley County woman says she’s lucky to be alive after slipping into a flooded creek and being swept into a drain pipe. 

Brandy Nichols says she’s sharing her story to warn others about the danger of flash flooding. 

Summer storms can bring heavy downpours that cause flash flooding and many people don’t realize it’s the second most common natural disaster. 

Nichols says she was riding a four-wheeler on California Lane on Sunday evening following heavy rain. 

She decided to get off the four-wheeler and walk toward the creek to take a closer look at the water. 

"I held onto the sign and I didn’t think it was deep. Two seconds later, it took my foot and I was under the water,” said Nichols.

Nichols slipped into the swift water and she says the current swept her into a drain pipe that runs under the street.

"I tried to hold my nose a little bit and it wasn't a few seconds later I popped out,” says Nichols. 

Once on the other side, she says she was able to grab onto the creek bank and pull herself out of the water.

Nichols believes the helmet she was wearing saved her life and now she wants to warn others about how dangerous flash flooding can be. 

“It'll suck you under. It took two seconds and I thought my life was over,” said Nichols.

A neighbor called 911 and emergency personnel responded. Nichols was taken to the hospital to be checked out after the incident.