UPDATE: People who live in Ringgold are rallying around an officer who was hit by a car on the side of I-75. They held a benefit cookout as a way to support Detective Wilborn Dycus.

Dycus and other officers were in the process of clearing a crash scene when a driver, not obeying the "Move Over Law," hit their police cruisers. 

Dycus had to to be extracted from his car.

Organizers hope the benefit will show how much support the detective has in the community.

"Wilbur is a friend to all of us. He's a great police officer and we just want to support him. We know he's going to be out of commission for six months and we just want to support him," said organizer, Jeff Hullender.

The detective is a lifelong Ringgold resident and has been a police officer since 1987.

PREVIOUS STORY: A crash that sent a Ringgold police officer to the hospital is bringing more attention to the "Move Over Law."

Assistant Police Police Chief Chad Cardin says two of his officers were in the process of clearing a crash scene when a driver, not obeying the "move over law" hit their police cars. He says he was yards away from the officers when crash happened, and that all emergency vehicles were using their blue lights.

"It was the sheriff's deputy, myself, the trooper, a commercial vehicle and the service truck for that service vehicle; all with their emergency lights going. And a few yards up; about 30 yards was Detective Mason, Detective Dycus," says Cardin.  

Cardin recalls a truck pulling a trailer crossing lanes and hitting the patrol cars. He says Detective Patrick Mason heard the driver come in contact with the rumble strip on the side of the highway and was able to jump out of the way unharmed. 

But Detective Wilburn Dycus was sitting in his car when the other vehicle hit, and had to be extracted. 

"I've seen and been involved in crashes that were pretty bad, but never this bad," says Cardin. "You could hear the boom, and that's what caught our attention. I mean it didn't sound loud at all, but once you looked up that's when it really set in." 

Cardin says Dycus is a lifelong resident in Ringgold and has been a police officer since 1987, but he has worked for the Ringgold Police Department since 2001. Mason has been with the Ringgold Police Department since 2008. 

Investigators say the driver violated the move over law. The the law was created to protect emergency officials. Violators could be fined up to $500 in Georgia.

"Move over one lane if you can. If you can't, simply slow down to a safe speed and get over as far as you can without causing a crash. It's that simple. That's what's in the law," says Cardin. 

Cardin says Dycus completed all of his scheduled surgeries Wednesday afternoon, and is recovering at Erlanger. He is expected to be released from the hospital this weekend.

"The priority is getting detective Dycus taken care of. Once we get that taken care of then we'll concentrate on getting vehicles replaced and do what we gotta do. Vehicles can be replaced, people can't," says Cardin. 

A Go Fund Me page was set up to help Dycus and his family. If you's like to donate, click here.  

PREVIOUS STORY: Channel 3 has learned the names of the detectives who were working multiple wrecks on I-75 Monday when a driver hit their patrol cars.

Assistant Police Chief Chad Cardin says Detective Wilborn Dycus. who once served as interim police chief of the department, was injured in the crash near the Battlefield Parkway-Fort Oglethorpe Exit.

Detective Wilborn has several broken bones and is scheduled for surgery in the next few days, according to Chief Cardin.

Cardin says Wilborn is expected to make a full recovery and return to work when he's cleared to do so.

Detective Patrick Mason was not in his patrol car when the crash happened and was able to move out of the way before the driver crashed.

"Please remind everyone to MOVE OVER," Assistant Chief Cardin tell Channel 3.

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ORIGINAL STORY: A Ringgold police detective is in the hospital after being hurt in a crash while working multiple other wrecks. 

Ringgold PD says the crash happened on Monday near the 348 mile marker on I-75. Officers were in the process of clearing the scene when a motorist, not obeying the "Move Over Law" hit two Ringgold police units, who were requested to respond to and assist other units on scene. 

Officers say they were using their blue lights at the time of the crash. One of the officers was able to escape the crash unharmed. A second officer, who was in his vehicle, had to be extracted from the vehicle. The officer sustained several broken bones that may require surgery. 

Ringgold PD says the officer is in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery.