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Soddy Daisy woman arrested for beating dog that's now missing

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UPDATE: A Soddy Daisy woman is facing aggravated animal cruelty charges after a cellphone video surfaced that allegedly shows her beating a dog in March of this year. 

The dog has now gone missing, which investigators say is alarming. The video that led to the arrest is part of an ongoing investigation.

Channel 3 has chosen not to show it because it's too graphic. Soddy Daisy police say the crime was caught on camera and reported to the Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga.

The organization launched their own investigation.

Police have charged Stacy Lynn Lollie with aggravated animal cruelty. The 48-year-old is accused of beating her dog Hercules with a large wooded stick. 

"So we had a concerned citizen actually forward a video of what appeared at the time to be a person or persons swinging something and yelling at a dog," said Bob Citrullo, Executive Director of Humane Educational Society.
Bob Citrullo had the cell phone video enhanced, which led to the arrest.

"You can hear the dog yelp, you can hear the name being called out several times, you can also make out at some point where one of the people involved was telling the dog "get up Hercules, get up" ...which led us to believe the dog was unable to get up," said Citrullo. 

According to the report, Lollie can also be heard saying, "I got you good."  The witness who took the video tells Channel 3 she heard yelping, crying and more than a dozen strikes. 

Fearing retaliation, she didn't want to be named or shown on camera.

"You know you could just hear the dog getting hit," said the witness. "You can physically hear the contact between the piece of wood and the dog's body. It's sickening, it's very sickening and hard to describe. It hurts, it just hurts and it's not right." 

Lollie later admitted to police that two of her dogs were in a fight at the time that video was taken and claimed she used a stick to "pry" them apart. But, police say she gave them the names of two different dogs in the fight and Hercules wasn't mentioned.

When police asked her about Hercules, she claimed to no longer have him. Investigators added that her story keeps changing.  

"We gathered up our information from our investigation and turned it over to them (Soddy Daisy police) and they were compelled and they felt they had enough, well, more than enough evidence to make an arrest and that's where we are today," said Citrullo. 

Hercules is still missing.

He's described as a young Rottweiler mix. If you know what happened to him or know where he is, call the Humane Educational Society at 423-624-5302. 

Stacy Lollie is out on a $2,500 bond and due back in court June 13th.  

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Soddy Daisy Police arrested Stacy Lynn Lollie for aggravated animal cruelty Friday. 

Investigators say Lollie beat her dog with a large wooden stick, and the incident was caught on camera off near Mcgill Road in March. Authorities reviewed the video and launched an investigation. 

Officials say the video shows Lollie swinging a large wooden stick while referring to one of her dogs named "Hercules".  According to the report, Lollie can also be heard saying, "I got you good".

Lollie later admitted to an investigating officer that two of her dogs were in a fight at the time and she had used a stick to "pry" them apart. When she was asked about the incident, police say she stated the two dogs fighting were named "Cheyenne" and "Annabelle." 

Hamilton County Humane Society made Lollie take Cheyenne to the vet due to her injuries, Her condition is unknown. Officials say Annabelle was observed and showed no signs of fighting. 

Investigators added that Lollie said she no longer had the dog named "Hercules". They say she told several different stories on how and when the dog left her possession. Police tell Channel 3 that the dog has still not been found. Police say  Hamilton County Humane Society is the lead agency investigating this incident.  

Lollie is out on a $2,500 dollars bond. 

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