UPDATE: Two young men were found dead in a Catoosa County home over the weekend.  

The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office identified them as 20-year-old Adam Ahlyege and 16-year-old Montana Whitten.

It'll take weeks to find out how the two young men died. Early reports from investigators point to a possible drug overdose.

An autopsy will help piece together what exactly led to their deaths.

Sheriff Gary Sisk said deputies responded to a home on Post Oak Road Sunday around 9:41 a.m. after receiving a report of two deceased individuals being found.

Neighbor David Everett remembers seeing several cruisers from the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office.

"Yellow tape across the driveway and we thought 'wow, something is going on," David Everett, a neighbor said.

The sheriff said the teen, a former Heritage High School student, lived at the home and had his door locked. His mother forced it open to find her son and another man dead.    

Investigators said a drug overdose may have killed them, which is leading to other conversations in the area.

Kasey Patterson, a licensed drug and alcohol abuse counselor, said family support is key.

"A lot of times it's just learning the appropriate boundaries and being able to not enable them as well as showing loving support for them," Kasey Patterson of Cumberland Heights.

Just this year, the GBI Medical Examiner's Office worked 37 overdose deaths in North Georgia.

The top drugs involved included oxycodone, meth, furanyl fentanyl, methadone, and hydrocodone.

Autopsy results will give neighbors like Everett a better understanding of what happened.

"It's sad anytime anyone loses their life, but especially young people that have so much ahead of them," Everett said.

Officials say both bodies have been transported to the GBI headquarters in Atlanta for autopsy.

Anyone with any information about the recent activities of the two deceased individuals are asked to call Captain Chris Lyons of the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office at (706) 935-2424.

PREVIOUS STORY: A death investigation is underway in Catoosa County Sunday, where two people were found dead.

The bodies were found inside a home on Post Oak Road in Ringgold.

Sheriff Gary Sisk confirms the discovery and says a cause of death is unknown.

The Sheriff says an autopsy will be done to determine how the pair died.

The names of the deceased have not been released.

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