If you live in North Georgia, you can expect a big break on your homeowner's insurance, and that goes for business owners too.

Whitfield County residents can expect to save big, thanks to an investment made by the local fire department.

"It cost a little bit more upfront to get the savings for the citizens of Whitfield County," explained Assistant Fire Chief Randy Kittle, "Which it's going to be a lot more in savings than it actually costs to do this."

The County spent millions of tax dollars over the course of a few years to add two new ladder trucks, increase staffing,and buy new gear and equipment.

That investment by the fire department helped lower the County's rating with the insurance services office.

"I hope they feel ecstatic about it like we do," said Kittle, "I think it's going to be very profitable for the homeowners to save money."

"It makes me feel safer, in the community, with the kids and everything," said community member Josie Seay.

The office rates counties on a scale from one to ten, with one being the best.

Whitfield County was a 5, but is now at a 3.

"Upped our training, we had to do more inspections, we did more on our fire hydrants," explained Kittle.

 Now homeowners insurance is expected to drop about 20 or 25 percent for those living within five miles of a fire station and one thousand feet of a hydrant.

Providing the community more safety. 

"It's going to be better to our people and them to get help to them quicker," said Kittle.

It's also a reason for people like Seay to choose Whitfield County.

"It makes you feel better about the situation," said Seay, "Gives you the wants to maybe own one one day."

The new insurance rates will go into affect September 1st.

County officials suggest checking with your insurance provider this fall to be sure they are using the new rates.

There are 4 areas in the county that will not meet those requirements. However, the fire department is working to change that.

Cohutta and Riverbend will not meet the requirements, but fire officials said they plan to open 2 new fire stations there in 2018.

So, that's when they will see a change.

Homeowners along the Whitfield-Catoosa line will benefit from the insurance drop if the counties can work out an automatic aid agreement.