UPDATE: A North Shore parking garage, that some drivers say is damaging their cars, has a new warning sign, following reporter Michelle Heron's 3 On Your Side report on Friday.

A local man said the bottom of his car scrapes the pavement as he drives onto the garage level designated for Workout Anytime.

The owner of the garage, John Wise, declined our request for an interview but said over the phone that he was aware of the issue and ordered a sign to warn drivers like Starnes.

Channel 3's Michelle Heron revisited the garage on Saturday and found the new sign hanging above the entrance.

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ORIGINAL STORY: A local man says a North Shore parking garage is damaging his car. 

The garage is located on W. Kent Street behind Big Chill and Grill. 

"I noticed my car was scraping," Kennith Starnes said, "So it actually will almost bottom out."

Starnes parks in the W. Kent Street garage when he visits his gym. It's the only free parking available to gym members. 

And by the looks of the pavement, he isn't the only one having trouble.

"I've tried different angles of entering and exiting, all of them scrape because I'm just not wanting to actually damage my car," he added.

Channel 3 reached out to the owner of the garage. 

John Wise declined our request for an interview but told us over the phone that he is aware of the issue and has ordered a sign to warn drivers like Starnes. 

He has also closed parking spots on the side of the ramp to prevent damage to cars.

Starnes said more needs to be done.

"Some kind of alternative parking. I mean if not, if they're going to have us parking at the top, I'd like the city to come in and says this gradient is too high and sorry we're going to have to close the parking garage and fix it," he added.

Chattanooga city code requires decks like this one to be kept in "proper state."

Channel 3 requested city inspection records to determine who signed off on the garage and when. 

Those records are not readily available. 

If inspectors are aware of the issue, it's not clear if the garage will have to be repaired or who would foot the bill leaving Starnes to wonder who will pay for the damage to his car.

Channel 3 checked with Workout Anytime, the gym Starnes visits. 

They tell us their customers are required to park on the top floor of that deck due to their lease. 

Public spots along the street are harder to come by.

If you're having an issue with a road or parking area where you live, you can report it by calling 311. 

Channel 3 isn't done investigating this story, stay with us for updates.