If you feel like your mailbox is full of junk mail every time you check it, you’re not alone.

Most of it probably is and it likely includes many advertisements.

A postcard was recently brought to the attention of Channel 3.

It’s being mailed to people in the Tennessee Valley and it says “delivery notice” in big, bold letters at the top.

The next sentence says “we have a package for you.”

Instructions on the card include a phone number to call and a tracking number.

The postcard does not include a company logo or a name of the business.

Channel 3 took it to the Better Business Bureau to find out more information.

BBB President Jim Winsett says it’s what his office refers to as “deceptive advertising.”

It’s a marketing tool to get consumers to call a number, share personal information and eventually buy something.

He says this type of marketing is common. It’s not a scam and it’s not illegal but it can be misleading.

The BBB has received several complaints about it.

“From that advertising, you have no idea what the product is. What they're trying to do is to get you to talk to them and buy a product so it's very deceptive in that approach,”

When you call the number on the postcard, a representative will ask you to provide your address.

The BBB advises never sharing personal information. Instead, they say if you receive a postcard like the one making the rounds, it is best not to call the number, simply throw it in the trash.

“It's one of those things, if it sounds too good to be true then maybe it isn't true,” Winsett told Channel 3.

The postcard can be confusing to people, especially seniors.