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UPDATE: Dynamite found in old Murray County store

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UPDATE: A North Georgia building owner discovered a batch of dynamite inside his building, prompting a response from multiple agencies.

Inside the Old Goswick Store in Murray County was sitting a big surprise for the owner.

"It was right here in this corner," owner Fred Whaley said as he walked around the former store.

Whaley inherited the store from the previous owner.

"They had stored all kinds of stuff for years in there," said Whaley.

Items covered the floor and shelves were so full of old items they were bowing.

"This store had just about everything you'd want," Whaley recalled.

But there were some items that did not belong.

"Well," Whaley said, "We found some dynamite in there."

He said there were roughly 8 sticks of dynamite inside.

"She had said there was dynamite in there someplace," Whaley recalled from the previous owner, "I said maybe she was just telling people that to keep them from nosing around! He found the dynamite and it was for real."

Whaley contacted the sheriff's department, which coordinated with the fire department and GBI to dispose of the dynamite.

The agencies buried the explosives right next to the Old Goswick Store. 

"This is where they buried the dynamite," said Whaley, "Where they burned it."

Whaley does not expect to find any more, but said the old store has one more story to tell.

He also said the store has been closed for years, so no shoppers were in any danger.

The chief deputy of Murray County tells me if you do find explosives not to touch them, evacuate, and call 911 immediately

PREVIOUS STORY: Several agencies are on hand in Murray County, where a cache of old, dynamite was found.

The dynamite was found in the old Goswick's Store on Highway 286, according to a post on the Murray County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

The Murray County Sheriff's Office, the GBI Bomb Unit, and the Murray County Fire Dept. are on the scene.

Plans are for the GBI to remove and destroy the dynamite.

Traffic on Georgia State Route 286 will be briefly impacted off and on for the next hour or so.

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