In Hamilton County, parents and teachers expressed a lot of frustration at a packed community forum Wednesday night.

It was held at Orchard Knob Elementary to discuss the search for a new superintendent and the future of the district's low-performing schools, also known as I-zone schools.

Here's a look at those five schools: 

  • Brainerd High School
  • Dalewood Middle School
  • Orchard Knob Middle School
  • Orchard Knob Elementary
  • Woodmore Elementary

There are two options for these schools: let the state take over the five schools or agree to partner with the state to turn the schools around.

Karista Jones, with the Hamilton County school board, said, "This is an exploratory option. We have not signed an agreement with anybody. We are not turning over our schools to a private company. We are not giving away our schools."

However, others disagree saying the schools have made major progress.

Thursday night at 6:00 in Dalewood Middle School's auditorium, State Representative JoAnne Favors will hold a public forum to discuss this same topic.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Channel 3's Taneisha Cordell will be at the meeting, bringing you the latest updates as they become available. Follow her on Twitter here.