Around 11:30 on the night of May 13th, Marcus Bradfield and his girlfriend were walking home from work. "They've worked at McDonald's since they live in Chattanooga and walk that same path every evening to and from work," said Chattanooga Police Detective Christopher Blackwell. "They were walking to Tunnel Boulevard and when they got around of 3800 block of Brainerd Road, Mister Bradfield was shot one time in the chest."

You may remember this case. The gunshot wound was not immediately obvious, but in what could only be described as a hail of bullets...some 10 to 20 shots according to calls to 911, the 20-year old was dead. "We're thinking he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but we're not 100% sure at this time," said Det. Blackwell.

Where was the shooter? Was he across the street or in a passing car? Up to $1,000 is on the table for information. "I'm thinking that the suspects probably did tell someone," Blackwell disclosed. "In most cases they don't keep it to themselves for very long."

Lots people nearby may not know they possess valuable information. "Mayo's, which is across the street, was a very crowded bar that evening," Blackwell explained. "And Herman's, which is on the same side of Brainerd Road the incident occurred, had quite a few people in their parking lot." 

You could get Crime Stoppers reward cash, even if you don't know who the shooter is. "We are looking for anyone that heard shots fired or saw anyone shooting a weapon of any kind," said Det. Blackwell. "Anyone that has any property damage from a bullet in the area would also be great information for us."

Make that anonymous call. Help get this dangerous person out of this community. "It'll bring closure for his girlfriend, his mother who lives in Chicago, and his father that lives here in Chattanooga," Blackwell said.

There are many ways you can help and get yourself eligible for the cash reward: 

Do you know the shooter? Call. 

Did you see a car or person speeding away after the gunfire that night? Call. 

In the days since, have you noticed unexplained holes in the siding on your house? Call.

Any of this information could be important to investigators. The number is: 423-698-3333 

If you get voice mail, leave a way for an officer to get back in touch with you. He may have questions, but he will never ask for your name or who you are. 

Again, up to $1,000 could be yours.