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What the Tech? Video sunglasses

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Remember Google Glass, those glasses that recorded video, showed notifications and GPS directions? The only useful thing about them was recording video and taking photos. You can't buy them now...not that you'd want to. Google dropped the Glass about a year ago amid slow sales and bad reviews.

Since then several companies have tried to pick up where Google left off at least with shooting video and taking pictures from a pair of glasses.

GoVision has released a very good pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera that records 1080 hd video. I consider it a GoPro for the face.

"It has up to 2 hour battery life, up to 32 gb storage capacity with a micro SD card," said GoVision's Nabil Audy at this year's CES in Las Vegas.

"They are all UV protected and polarized and you can interchange all the lenses."

The camera is built into the center, between the lenses, recording exactly what you see. The latest model is water resistant to record video while skiing or participating in other watersports. They fit snug around your head and do not fall off easily.

I tried them while playing volleyball and they didn't slip or slide off my nose. The video was good too.

The 3rd edition also has bluetooth that connects the glasses to an app on your phone.

"You can livestream this, right from your phone to Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. "

GoVision sunglasses are available in many colors and styles. They range in price from around $130-$180 and available at Amazon and several other online retailers.

You know...Father's Day is coming up....

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