It may be summer break for students but principals from around the Hamilton County School District are busy making their schools a better place. 

Six educators from across the country are in Chattanooga for the HCDE Summer Institute to talk about how they've transformed their districts in specific ways.

Principals, assistant principals and teacher leaders hope sharing ideas can help change the district from the inside out instead of the top down. 

To do so, each local educator has a specific initiative tailored to their school, anywhere from building strong foundations in math and reading to engaging every child every day.

"Hearing other professionals say this is what I did and it was a risk but it worked for us so it helps me want to do that for my kids," DuPont Elementary School Principal Ruthie Panni said.

"There's no point in reinventing the wheel. If someone else has already done it and it's a good fit for us, we could probably tweak it so that it matches what we're doing at Orchard Knob Middle," OKMS Principal Tiffany Ervin said.

Wednesday teachers will be able to take all of their ideas and everything they've learned and apply it in creating a plan for their school.

They will map out that plan month by month and then share it with guests here to get feed back and make it the best it can be.

School leaders will then share that plan with teachers and faculty in time for when students return to classes in the Fall.