A private school in Dalton has been the target of vandals twice within the last year.

The latest incident happened early Monday when police said four people broke into Christian Heritage School.

Footprints led police to a vacant apartment just a mile away from the school.

20-year-old Lakwon Fleming, 20-year-old Bryson Gallman, 18-year-old Kaylub Kuhn, and 17-year-old Joshua Brower now face felony criminal trespassing charges and more could be on the way.

There's no sign of damage from the outside, but inside Christian Heritage, police said fire extinguisher foam covered the hallways.

Police said the same four people who made the mess also stole basketball jerseys, sweatpants, and concession stand food. Officers believe alcohol may have been a factor.

"Just ridiculous. Just young kids. Nothing else to do, I guess. Summer time. Too much time on their hands," Marty Perry, a neighbor said.

Perry lives a few doors down from where officers found the accused vandals.

Police said footprints left in the foam led them out a back door, through the woods, and to a vacant apartment. The fresh dew on the grass outside would be the key to finding the four people hiding in a closet. 

"This time actually having foot prints that led straight to the suspects obviously made a big difference," Bruce Frazier of the Dalton Police Department said.

Just last June, thieves broke into the same building.

A police report said they took $50 along with $100 worth of snacks and sodas from the concession stand.

Officers never found the people responsible and it's unclear if the two cases are connected. They're still looking into the reason behind the latest break-in.

"Sometimes it's just a matter of it's close by and they're just in the mood for mischief, I guess," Frazier said.

As police continue to investigate and consider additional charges, the school is assessing clean up costs.

Neighbors like Perry are glad this latest case was solved quickly. 

"Been raining a lot here lately, so I can see that happening. Walking through the mud and going right straight in, not thinking anything else about it," Perry said.

Police said the basketball jerseys and sweatpants were returned to the school.

Channel 3 tried contacting each of the suspect's families to get their take, but they either did not want to comment or could not be reached.