UPDATE: At 6 a.m. an automatic fire alarm notified the 911 emergency center of a possible fire at Channel 3's transmitter site.

Walden's Ridge Emergency Services responded and when they arrived on scene there were no visible signs of smoke or fire. Firefighters used a thermal imaging camera and found a small fire in an exterior wall.

This building does not have WRCB staff at the site and no injuries are reported. 


An early morning fire at the WRCB transmitter caused Channel 3's signal to go down for certain television providers and those watching over-the-air with antennas.

The Walden Ridge Fire Chief reports the transmitter site had a small electrical fire. Channel 3's engineers are on site working to restore signal as quickly as possible.

We're told the damage is minimal and no injuries are reported at this time. 

As always, you can watch Channel 3's newscasts online and in the WRCB app.

Stay with Channel 3 as we continue to learn more.