Fort Oglethorpe police believe there may be a connection between two recent donation jar thefts.

Police said the first happened at the El Matador restaurant earlier this month on Lafayette Road. Last Thursday, another was taken from a gas station on Cloud Springs Road.

In surveillance video obtained by Channel 3, a couple is waiting for a to-go order at the restaurant. You then see the woman grab a donation jar and stuff it in her purse.

"It hurt me and just really made me angry," Cassandra Brown, a Chickamauga resident said.

Brown said that donation jar was full of money, around $200, for her 3-year-old son Brayden.

He has a form of lung disease and that money was supposed to go toward his medical bills. The jar had been at the restaurant for two years before being taken about two weeks ago.

"It was devastating to know, his picture's on it, that somebody, stealing is bad enough, but to steal from a child, it was just heartbreaking to me," Brown said.

Fort Oglethorpe police believe the thieves didn't stop there.

Last Thursday, a donation jar for the Muscular Dystrophy Association was swiped from a gas station on Cloud Springs Road. That's just four miles from the restaurant.

Police said they have an idea of who they're looking for and that person got away with $20.

"In both cases, I hope somebody comes forward and says 'I know for sure, this is who that is' and turns them in," Brown said.

As police search for the people responsible for stealing two donation jars, Brown has a message for them.

"If the people that took the jars see this that they come forward and have it in their heart to just return the bucket and pay for what they did," Brown said.

Fort Oglethorpe police said securing or mounting a donation jar could help prevent potential thieves from stealing. Checking and changing out the jars often might also help.

If you have any information, call the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.