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Tree destroys mobile home, 'I have no place to go."

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Photo by WRCB reporter Natalie Potts. Photo by WRCB reporter Natalie Potts.
Photo by WRCB reporter Natalie Potts. Photo by WRCB reporter Natalie Potts.

Severe weather knocked downed trees and power lines across the Tennessee Valley over the weekend and it's keeping cleanup crews busy, Monday.

Officials said a few of those trees fell on top of homes and cars, causing major damage. A mobile home was also destroyed at a mobile home park in Dayton, Tennessee Saturday. The owner told Channel 3, she now has no place to go.

"It fell in the high winds and killed my trailer," said mobile home owner Theresa Gothard. 

Resident Theresa Gothard said she's in disbelief.

"The ceiling is down to the floor, it's tore the whole wall out and it's rained inside of it and there's still part of the tree on it," said Gothard. "I have no stove; it's smashed, my refrigerator has been smashed into the floor and it was holding the pine tree up," said Gothard. "That's the reason I've been able to go into the dangerous thing and risk our lives getting what I have left."

The large tree that fell, ripped her mobile home to pieces and Gothard said that's always been her biggest fear. When severe weather strikes she often stays away at a friend's house.  

"I've been leaving for 30 years because we've been terrified and my worst fear has come to pass, that tree killed my house," said Gothard. 

Gothard said she's complained about this tree to the property owner before, but nothing was ever done. 

"I said I was scared and was told it wouldn't fall," said Gothard, 

Still Gothard left Saturday night to be on the safe side and she said it's a good thing she did. 

 "I'd be dead because it fell where I had my bed right there in the living room and it landed right where I sleep," said Gothard.

The owner of the mobile home park told Channel 3 that she's had other trees inspected, trimmed and removed but this is the first time she's ever heard of any problems with this one. 

"You know you don't have much when you're trying to take care of a disabled son," said Gothard. 

The property owner said she offered up another trailer and lot to rent, but the Gothards can't afford both.

"I've been a good tenant and they've got so much and now I have nothing," said Gothard. "It's not fair." 

The Gothards did not have any insurance on their mobile home. Channel 3 found several other trees knocked down in and around the mobile home park, but no other damage was reported.

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