Hundreds of people gathered at the Chattanooga National Cemetery to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

A 21-gun salute was followed by a tune military families know all too well, TAPS.

All sounds reminding visitors what Memorial Day is all about.

"Gives me the chance to remember all the people that have served our country," said Edward Averett, a Navy veteran.

Service thousands buried at the Chattanooga National Cemetery have paid the ultimate sacrifice for.

And service that hits close to home for Averett and his daughter, Louise Henrich.

"You just see row after row of men that served their country," Henrich said as she looked over the cemetery.

And row after row they stop to talk to family members and friends who are laid to rest among the many heroes.

"I'll go by and see my wife," said Averett, "I'll go over and see mommy and daddy, and I'll go right down their and sit on that big rock."

Moments of reflection and remembrance for Averett, he served 4 years in the United States Navy.

He said multiple family members and friends served in branches across the armed forces.

On Memorial Day, like many other days he spends out at the cemetery with his daughter, gives him time to remember the sacrifices made.

Averett's daughter said she is also overwhelmed with gratitude.

"Just awe struck that so many people gave their life," Henrich said.

The flags will stay on each of the graves at the National Cemetery until Tuesday morning.