A North Chattanooga couple is calling for stricter leash laws after their dog was attacked by another dog.

The Weber's dog did not survive the attack on Highland Drive Tuesday afternoon. 

Kathy Weber said she was on a walk with her daughter and her five-month-old granddaughter when the attack happened. She said she's just relieved her granddaughter was not hurt.

"It just came so out of the blue. We were just walking on a peaceful afternoon and suddenly this dog was tearing my dog apart, it was just horrifying," said Weber. 

Weber said Boomer was attacked by a Mastiff. She said the dog was sitting on the front porch of a home when they walked by. Weber's five-month-old granddaughter was sitting in a stroller a few feet away during the attack. 

Weber's Husky, Boomer had to be put down at McKamey Animal Center the next day. The dog was part of their family for 11 years. 

"I'm still kind of numb about it, but, I think I'm doing better today than yesterday. You know bad things happen," said Weber. 

Iva Heiser, the owner of the Mastiff named Dozier, tells Channel 3, her son gave her the dog four weeks ago. She said her son got Dozier to keep her company after her husband of 62 years died two months ago. The 87-year-old sits outside with the dog often, but said this is the first time he ran off. 

According to Chattanooga city code, a dog has must be contained to your property or be on a leash. If the owner is outside with the dog it has to be in control at all times. The law also requires a dog wear a leash on public streets, sidewalks, in parks and recreation areas.

Tiffany Newcomb, the Director of Animal Services at McKamey, said for that reason, the dog's owner was cited to court. 

"A lot of attacks that we have and issues that we have are people that think that their dogs mind them very well, and that are always under their control. However, you never know what a dog is going to do," said Newcomb. "We issue citations depending on the nature of the attack. It could be for running at large which means it was not controlled on the owners property or on a leash, and potentially dangerous dogs. That involves any sort of attack on another animal or person."

Newcomb explained if a judge deems a dog as PDD (potentially dangerous dog), strenuous requirements could be placed on the dog owner, which means they have to have PDD tags. The dog also can't be kept in the invisible fence or kept outside on a chain. They have to be in a fence or inside the house.

McKamey is holding the dog that is blamed for the attack on court orders until the case can be heard on June 8.