Seven tornadoes slammed northern Georgia counties earlier this week as part of a large storm system.

National Weather Service survey teams spent Thursday looking at the damage from tornadoes the day before, and arrived at the following results:

Whitfield County - EF-1
Estimated peak wind - 90 mph
Path length - 1.6 miles
A brief tornado touched down northeast of Dalton along Highway 71 (Cleveland Highway), snapping and uprooting several trees between 3rd Street and West Hill View Drive. The tornado continued northeast and created the most significant damage along  the south end of Lynn Drive where numerous large trees were snapped  or uprooted in an approximate 200 yard wide path. In this location,  a couple of trees were snapped near the base which resulted in the 
rating of a low-end EF-1 with estimated maximum winds around 90 mph.  A camper was also rolled about 20 yards away from its original 
location near Lynn Drive. Several more trees were found snapped near Creekwood Lane Northeast just before the tornado lifted.

Gordon County  #1 - EF-0
Estimated peak wind - 75 mph
Path length - 0.3 miles
A brief tornado touched down 1 mile east of Resaca between Swan Drive Northeast and Fite Bend Road Northeast where  several large trees were snapped and uprooted in an approximate 70  yard wide path. The tornado then tracked across a wheat field and  into a small wooded area where it snapped a few large tree branches before lifting. 

Gordon County #2 - EF-0
Estimated peak wind - 75 mph
Path length - 0.3 miles
The same storm that produced a brief tornado 1 mile east of Resaca produced another brief tornado about 3.4 miles ENE of Resaca along Nicklesville Road. Damage to the roof of a home and small barn was found along with several large trees snapped and uprooted along an approximate 90 yard wide path. Based on visual damage, the tornado was on the ground for approximately 0.3 miles before lifting. 

Gilmer County - EF-0
Estimated peak wind - 70 mph
Path length - 0.1 miles
A very brief tornado touched down in a largely wooded area about 7.4 miles WNW of Ellijay along Rogers Creek Road. Several large trees were found snapped and uprooted along a small path. This damage was consistent with a circulation seen from radar that had a history of producing brief tornadoes.

Fannin County - EF-0
Estimated peak wind - 75 mph
Path length - 0.1 miles
A very brief tornado touched down 2.3 miles NE of downtown Blue Ridge where several large trees were snapped and uprooted just east of Highway 515 (US 76) along McKinney Road. Similar to the brief Gilmer County tornado, this damage was consistent with a circulation seen from radar that had a history of producing brief tornadoes.  

Laurens County - EF-0
Estimated peak wind - 80 mph
Path length 2.2 miles
An EF-0 tornado initially touched down just off Valambrosia Road where it downed a few trees. The tornado next crossed Clover Leaf Lane where it blew some metal trim off of a mobile home and collapsed a small metal carport. This debris was strewn in the wooded area behind the mobile home. Several pine trees were also uprooted at this location. As the tornado crossed Irish Lane, a number of hardwood and softwood trees were uprooted. The tornado continued northeastward, downing between 20 and 40 trees on a railroad track near Moore Station Road. Through the remainder of the tornado's path, trees were intermittently snapped or uprooted. The final damage location before the tornado lifted was near Fairview Park Hospital where the tops were blown out of a couple of pine trees.

Toombs County - EF-1
Estimated peak wind - 95mph
Path length - 4.3 miles
A low end EF-1 tornado first touched down in a southeast residential portion of Vidalia and tracked east-northeastward across Highway 280, where it did some
minor structural damage. This included roof damage to several businesses including a Shoney's and bending a largeflag pole near Brantley's Marine and Guns, a section primarily across from Meadows Regional Medical Center. Other damage along the path included numerous hardwood and softwood trees either snapped or uprooted. The tornado lifted just north of the city of Lyons along Highway 1.