UPDATE: Misty Melton-Jackson has been taken into custody without incident.

PREVIOUS  STORY: Grundy County Sheriff's Department has identified a person of interest accused of stealing items from gravesites. 

Thirty-seven-year old Misty Melton-Jackson is wanted in connection with the thefts at Clouse Hill Cemetery. Officials say Melton-Jackson fled from deputies on a green ATV earlier Tuesday as they tried to interview her.  

Misty Melton-Jackson is described as: 

  • Cut and dyed hair
  • Wearing a bright orange tank top with a purple bandana on her head
  • 5'1'' and about 145 pounds

If you know of her whereabouts, you can contact the Grundy Co. Sheriff's Office at 931-692-3466 ext. 7. You can remain anonymous.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Grundy County woman is speaking out, saying people have been stealing items from her sister's gravesite for months.

"She was our glue and now we're kind of lost," Treena Kilgore said about her sister, "And this hurts, this hurts."

Lost and hurt, emotions Kilgore feels whenever she walks up to her sister's final resting place.    

"She passed away a little over a year ago," Kilgore explained, "and 4 times her items have been stolen off her grave."

Kim Agee, Kilgore's sister, was buried in March of 2016. Since then Kilgore said several items, including solar lights, have been stolen from her grave and other graves around her.

"It's not about the lights," Kilgore urged, "It's the fact that you're stealing from my sister."

So she decided to take action.

"So we made a 'Letters to Heaven' mailbox and put the camera inside," Kilgore explained.

They even put a lock on the box the camera is in. Kilgore said someone even tried to break off the lock once.

"At first I was so hurt, and then that turned into anger, and I was just like we have got to stop this," Kilgore said.

But one camera wasn't enough. There is a second camera hidden at the grave-site, though she won't say where, and soon a third one will be put up.

The cameras snapped a few photos of what appears to be people stealing items, but Kilgore said the sheriff's office has not been able to make an arrest.

"I lost our sister to cancer," Kilgore said emotionally, "My family does not need to deal with this petty theft at a cemetery."

Kilgore said her family has spent nearly $1,000 on cameras.

"If you come out to Clouse Hill Cemetery and you see black boxes, they're cameras people!" she exclaimed, "Don't steal from my sister."

Anyone with information is urged to call the Grundy County Sheriff's Office, 931-692-3466.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Grundy County Sheriff's Office needs your help finding a woman who they say stole from grave-sites. 

Deputies said the woman stole items from a grave at Clouse Hill Cemetery on May 22nd. 

One woman told Channel 3 the suspect stole from her sister's grave-site at least three times. 

The family set up a camera at the grave and witnessed the suspect steal LED lights. 

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the woman, call the Grundy County Sheriff's Office at 931-692-3466.