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Lake Winnie's safety inspections show significant improvements

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This weekend marks the start of the busiest season for theme parks across the country, including the oldest park in Georgia, Rossville's very own Lake Winnepesaukah. 

Park officials say they're ready to play host to summer memories.

"Smiling and having a great day and sharing those memories and making new memories," Talley Green with Lake Winnie said.

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From the Tilt-O-Whirl to the Fireball, before kids can board inspectors check to make sure rides are safe.

"All the rides have a maintenance schedule daily, weekly and monthly. And then when we're not open to the public during those winter months, we're able to get ready in a variety of ways for the next season," she added.

State inspectors took a hard look at rides at Lake Winnie more than 100 times in the last three years. Some of those inspections were yearly, others were part of follow-up visits We found that rides passed inspection without any violations 77-percent of the time.

We wanted to know how recent inspections stack up. 

State records show the last inspection happened days before the park opened in April.

Inspectors found safety violations on four of 35 rides. 

That's an improvement from last year, where inspectors noted violations on 20 of 33 rides.

Some violations were minor others were more serious. 

Inspectors on the most recent inspection deemed cars on two rides unsafe. 

One of them on the Fly-O-Plane ride which was shut down last year after two boys were hurt after falling from the ride. 

An investigation then revealed there was no mechanical issue. 

But recent reports do not note the problem inspectors found but they do note a required re-inspection. 

"Typically the same day, if something is found. So there's no downtime at all. We jump on it and move ahead," Green said.

Green says the re-inspection took place and the Fly-O-Plane is ready. 

Green says the park is always focused on safety.

"Everything is up and running and ready for a great Memorial Day weekend!" she added.

Violations don't always result in a ride being closed, depending on the severity of the problem. 

Inspection reports in Georgia are not posted online but can be accessed through the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

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