New homes in Chattanooga hope to help veterans get off the streets.

"Lord have mercy!" James Cosey exclaimed as he walked through the door to his new home, "They decorated!"

From the furniture to decorations, everything inside this home now belongs to Cosey.

"Everything I need, everything," Cosey said as he walked around his kitchen.

Just hours before walking through the front door Cosey had nothing.

He is an Army veteran who said life after service has not always been easy.

Previously, he called the Chattanooga streets his home.

"It means a lot," Cosey said, "Got off the streets. I was staying in my car."

Now, that car will stay parked in his new driveway.

"I got a house," Cosey said repeatedly, "I got a house."

His daughter said the home is the honor her dad deserves.

It made her emotional watching him see it for the first time.

"He worked so hard for it, and I know the situation he was going through, and I feel like he deserved it," said his daughter Gurleatha Cosey.

His new home stands at the end of Patriot's Place, where soon he will have three new neighbors who share more than an address- they share a past.

All three homes remaining will house veterans.

Buffalo Valley, Inc. and the City of Chattanooga created this space to give homeless, disabled, and low-income veterans housing.

"It's great cause I got help myself," said Cosey, "I hope they can help many more of them out there cause there's a lot of us out here like that."

Cosey said he's holding onto hope for other veterans, just as tightly as he's clinging to his new key.

"My key! That's right!" exclaimed Cosey.

The four homes were funded through city, state, and federal grants.

According to Buffalo Valley, Inc. representatives, those grants, a 335,000 grant from the City of Chattanooga home funds, a $150,000 grant from THDA’s housing trust fund, and a $200,000 grant from federal home loan bank, made it all possible.

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