Clean up continues in North Georgia after the National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Whitfield County on Wednesday.

One neighbor recalled the chilling moments leading up to the storm.

"It was getting darker and I just felt like something was going to happen," said neighbor Jerry Nichols.

Just moments later mother nature showed up.

"It didn't have no kind of warning or nothing," said another neighbor Ronnie Marcus, "It just hit all of a sudden."

People in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood in Whitfield County said just as quickly as the storm hit, it was over.

"I'll be honest, it was over before i got scared!" exclaimed Nichols.

The storm was fast and furious, bringing with it 60 mph winds.

After the storm, debris was left scattered throughout yards, trees twisted, and homes damaged.

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"A little roof damage, and gutter damage, and a kids tree house thing fell over on my air conditioner," Marcus said about the damage around his home.

Marcus said it was unlike anything he had seen before.

"I've been here nearly 68 years and this is the first one I've seen," Marcus said.

Neighbors said the clean up will take time.

Debris, ya know, we'll just have to do it as we can and get it done," Nichols urged.

According to the Whitfield County emergency management director, Claude Craig, no one was injured or killed in the storm.

Craig said the county uses a code red, which sends alerts to community members of dangerous weather.

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He believes being prepared is what kept the community safe.