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5 ways to save money

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(NBC News) - Cutting a few things can make the pennies add up and that's how some people are able to save money.

Here's five ways to get started:

  1. Researchers say if you are searching for a new car, Stop! Not only can you save a bundle driving a used car but try keeping that car longer. Once you've paid it off, every month you're saving money. You can easily save a thousand dollars a year by keeping your car alive rather than replacing it. A trusted mechanic can help you decide when it's time to finally let go.
  2. How often do you buy bottled water? Yes, you can recycle the bottle but you're spending lots of money needlessly that you can put into savings.
  3. You have heard a lot of people talk about cutting the cord when it comes to their cable TV  service. By dropping cable and relying simply on the internet for your entertainment connections, you can save a thousand dollars a year. You'll miss out on bundling discounts, so if dropping cable all together doesn't work for you, see if there are other savings plans available.
  4. If you're still making vacation plans consider staying closer to home and drive instead of fly. If you're a family of four that flight could add up to a thousand dollars more than what it would cost you to drive. You'll have extra money to spent on the trip and some to put away in your bank account.
  5. Finally when is the last time you shopped around your phone plan? One of the most cost-effective ways to keep in touch is through a family phone plan. You can bundle your savings with your immediate or extended family. Some low cost carriers will even offer a fourth or fifth plan for free. You'll want to keep track of the phone carriers to see when they are offering the best deals. 

Jump at the bargains and put more money into your bank account.

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