By now everyone you know has a streaming video service. Amazon Prime and Netflix are the two heavyweights in the space while Hulu is a third.

About 100 million households subscribe to Netflix (according to numbers from last month) while Amazon's Prime Members total some 80 million subscribers. That doesn't leave that many homes without a streaming service.   

I have both and thought it might be a good idea to compare the two for anyone who hasn't taken the leap into cord cutting, connected tv viewing. Here's what I've found:

? Movies are pretty hit or miss with both Amazon and Netflix. The lineup changes each month but for the most part, the vast majority of movies are ones you'd find in a $5 discount bin at Walmart or Best Buy. Right now Netflix has titles such as "Bridget Jones's Baby", "The Secret Life of Pets' and "Captain America: Civil War". Not exactly movies you'd pay $10 a month for. Amazon's current lineup of studio movies include Oscar winning "Moonlight", the Indiana Jones series, "Ironman", and several James Bond titles. Advantage: Amazon Prime

? TV shows are popular for people who like to binge watch an entire series in a matter of weeks. Netflix has far more quality comedies than Amazon. Fans of "The Office" and "How I Met Your Mother" will be particularly fond of Netflix. Amazon has an exclusive deal with HBO for shows such as "The Sopranos" and "Big Love." Advantage: Netflix

? Originals. Amazon and Netflix are producing their own movies and shows now and they're actually becoming more of a reason people use to subscribe. Netflix has had several big successes with "Stranger Things", "Making of a Murderer" and the recent "13 Reasons Why". Amazon put a feather in its movie producing cap at this year's Oscar Awards when "Manchester by the Sea" won 2 Oscars (Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor in a Leading Role). Advantage: Netflix.

? Price: Netflix is $8/month to stream on one screen and $10 to watch on two screens at once. Netflix also offers a package for 4 screens plus Ultra High Definition for $12/month. Amazon's pricing rounds out to $10/month. It is bundled with Amazon Prime which costs $120 a year. Amazon Prime offers members the free streaming video (on 2 screens) along with free 2 day shipping on Amazon purchases, Amazon Music (a streaming service similar to Spotify), unlimited photo storage, members can also 'borrow' a book each month to read on a Kindle device. Advantage Amazon.

From what I've noticed, Netflix is putting more and more emphasis on producing its own content while Amazon is holding onto deals with major studios to license movies and tv shows.

I suggest before making a decision to take advantage of free trials. Amazon and Netflix both offer 30-day free trials for you to see for yourself.