Finding your way through a hospital can be both confusing and a dizzying experience. But now there is an app for that.

Jean Payne/Director Volunteer Services, CHI Memorial says "It allows our guests, our patients, and staff, the opportunity to find locations within the hospital easily."

Jean Payne is the Director of Volunteer Services at CHI Memorial. She says this app is an effort to simplify a hospital stay or visit.

Like other apps, you can simply download it on your android, IPhone, or IPad and use it to navigate your way through the hospital.

QR Codes have been placed throughout the entire facility. You scan the app to find your current location, then the app draws the path and provides step by step directions.

Jean Payne says "It's really interesting to see how it can give you written instructions and it can ls speak to you, or it can be silent and just kind of show you step by step."

Jean took me for a tour for a closer look at how the app works.  The app includes inside maps for all floors of the main hospital.

Jean Payne says "So many people when they come to the hospital they may have a little anxiety or maybe they haven't been here so this is a great way to help them to find the right entrance, patient room, also to even find physician offices."

As you walk through the hospital, press the green next button and the map will give you the next step on your route.
After following the nine steps on the app, we reached our destination.

The app then saves your route so you can get back to your starting point. While Jean says this won't replace their volunteers it will help make navigating your way around a bit easier.

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