WOODSTOCK, GA (WXIA) - Some Woodstock residents are furious with their homeowners' association after being told they can only display the US flag 23 days a year.

The HOA at the Village at Towne Lake sent an email to residents explaining that they could only fly the flag on specific holidays. That didn't fly well with some residents.

"By limiting it to holidays, he's equating it to Christmas lights. You put your Christmas lights up at Christmas, you fly your flag on this holiday," said one resident. "The flag is an everyday thing."

They said they've displayed flags since the day they moved in -- some for more than a decade, and now they're being told to take them down.

"Brave men and women fight for that flag. And many of them come home in coffins draped in that flag," said Donna Gorshe. "My father fought in World War II and was in the Battle of the Bulge and lost many of his friends. They fought for the flag."

She's displayed the flag in her front yard since the day she moved in three years ago, and couldn't believe it when she got an email from her homeowners' association last week telling her to take it down.

"I was shocked and very upset," she said.

She lives in the same neighborhood as Army veteran Richard Tibbetts.

"I spent 23 years of my life defending this country, and for someone to tell me arbitrarily when I can honor it, is unacceptable," Tibbetts said.

Navy veteran Tom Wilder was also angry.

"I was extremely upset," he said. "Extremely."

"He is treating it as a decoration," said Air Force veteran Grady Rockett. "And it is not. It is far more than a decoration to me."

The email outlines 20 holidays when residents can fly the American flag from dawn until dusk. Residents say the list is arbitrary. It includes Mother's Day, but excludes Father's Day, for example.

Residents say the list is ridiculous. All of them say they plan to keep their flags flying, no matter the fine the HOA tries to impose.

"I will remove the flag from my house when they remove my body from that house and cover it with the flag," Tibbetts said.

11Alive News emailed and called the HOA repeatedly for comment on the story, but they refused to grant us an interview, and said they have no comment on the flag restrictions.

However, this has hit people really hard in the neighborhood. One man says he was so upset by the new restrictions, he actually has put his house up for sale.

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