A Hixson discount store is accused of selling smoke-damaged baby items, but the owner said he had no idea. Concerned parents contacted 3 On Your Side for answers.

Customers made the discovery on social media, connecting items for sale at B&B Discount Sales to a Kansas City fire. The owner stands behind his product but doesn't deny where he got the baby gear.

From clothing to toys, teethers to shoes, B&B Discount Sales on Hixson Pike sells hundreds of items at a steep discount. Recently, the store advertised on Facebook about a big shipment. That shipment came from Itsy Bitsy Bums in Kansas City after a fire in a business nearby forced it to close.

Pictures posted on Facebook show the condition inside the store after the fire. Utensils and teethers covered in a thin layer of soot.

“I bought it from the owner of the store, who presented it as being just fine. I said do you have an issue with smoke? This was the conversation I had with him over the phone. Have you got an issue with smoke? Does it stink? Because if it does I am not buying it,” said the owner of B&B Discount Sales, Bud Hixson.

Channel 3 went to the store looking for an explanation, but we were asked to leave.  The owner, Bud Hixson, told us later over the phone that he's confident the products are sanitary after being washed.

“I am happy with the condition of it," Hixson said. "I have been doing this for 40 years. That stock is clean. I haven't heard complaints from anyone. Our customers are satisfied.”

But Facebook is filled with concerns over the safety of the items, specifically the ones small children may put to their mouths. Channel 3 spoke to multiple fire departments in the area and fire restoration companies who agree clothing and bedding can be washed or dry cleaned following smoke exposure; but chemicals released during a fire can be hard to remove from plastics and toys. 

Hixson stands behind his decision to sell the items and plans to continue. 

“If there is a customer out there who wants their money back, come and get it," Hixson said. "That is fine with me, but there is nothing wrong with what they are buying.”

Consumer Product Safety Commission laws apply to anyone who sells consumer products. That includes discount stores. That means a resale store cannot sell something they know to be hazardous. Again, B&B said there is no hazard.

Channel 3 reached out to the owners of Itsy Bitsy Bums for comment. They have not yet returned our calls.