The Walker County Sheriff's Office is warning the public of scammers who are posing as employees of Dish Network.

The Sheriff's Office says the scammers are asking for payment for a fake software update.

The caller will claim to be a Dish employee, and their phone number will show up on your caller ID as "Dish Network."

The scammer will tell you that your receiver needs an update and will ask you to turn on your TV and follow their instructions.

The Sheriff's Office says the caller is not checking or upgrading anything.

The caller will try to charge you for the fake software update and ask you to make a payment.

The Walker County Sheriff's Office is urging citizens to be cautious of this scam and do not give out any personal information over the phone.

If you receive a scam call of any kind, hang up and call 911.

Click here for more information from Dish Network about protecting yourself from this scam.

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